Ideal HVAC system

When it comes to cultural differences there is one that I simply don’t understand, I live in a town where our summer season usually stays in the 80s-90s.  I have a lovely HVAC system that keeps me cool and comfortable during the heat.  I was travelling to an area of Europe that has a similar climate but I never thought of checking to see if they had the same system.   When I landed at the airport I noticed that the building was absolutely hot however I just thought it was because the doors and windows were all open.  I endured the ride to the hotel with the same open windows and couldn’t wait to get into my room to cool off.  This was when I realized that I was in a cultural nightmare.  The Europeans believe that, as Americans, we are all spoiled.  They have a hard time believing that living in an artificial environment instead of enjoying the natural atmosphere.   They seem to have an uncanny ability to deal with the temperatures extremes without any problem.  They also save money by not using any form of heating and cooling system other than heat in the winter.  Even then, they use fireplaces or boilers instead of forced air systems.  Needless to say, my room did not have air conditioning either.  I did have a cool breeze that blew in from the lake to keep me somewhat comfortable at night.  Thankfully my trip was only for a few days ands after that I was back to the glorious air conditioned house.