IAQ and the office

A few months ago I started experiencing bad allergy issues. At first, I had no idea why I was having the problem, but after a little while I connected the allergies to the construction going on next to my office. The building next to us was being renovated, and there was a constant stream of dust and dirt flowing through the air around my office. I realized that the HVAC unit in my own office building wasn’t well equipped to filter out the air. I knew that others had been complaining about the air quality, so I decided to bring up the issues with the HVAC system in one of our staff meetings. Turns out doing so really paid off. My manager was really receptive to the idea that we needed a new air purification system. She wanted to make sure we all stayed healthy and had a good environment to work in, so the next day she talked to others in the company about buying the air purification system and having it installed onto our heating and cooling system. By the end of the week, the HVAC company was there and we had the system we needed. Everyone in my office was really grateful, and my allergies quickly cleared up. The air purifier works well, and it’s exactly what we needed to get through the long construction projects going on next door to us. Hopefully, they finish with their building project soon. If not, everyone in the neighborhood is going to have to go out and buy a new air purifier to stay healthy!

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