I would love a new furnace filter

Considering I live in the south and the place is hot and sunny all year round, I really have to have good air conditioning. My home has best most up-to-date, top of the line air conditioning system ever invented. I can’t take a chance on installing an AC system together with having it stop working on me during the a hot day. I know many comrades who have experienced AC failure in the worst possible moments. This is the reason why I contacted a trustworthy HVAC professional and had them use a system that would last for years, with little to no protection involved. I think I was a great customer, because I told them I didn’t have a money limit. You can’t put a cost on comfort! Not only must I rely on AC inside a home, but I truly need it in my car. The temperature reaches over 100 on many days, along with intense moisture. I needed a car that would disperse cool and refreshing air all the time. Last week, the AC with my car was giving me problems. It was taking a great deal longer to chill my car, and it felt like it’s only pushing around semi cool air. I was very annoyed, so I took my car to the auto shop and had them look at it. Thankfully, the only thing that needed fixed was the oxygen filter and the refrigerant. The serviceman showed me the mid-air filter in my car and I was disgusted! It was covered with a thick layer of gunk, so that i couldn’t believe that I had been intaking the air passing through that! I’m so happy that they had the ability to fix my AC that morning!

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