I would like a bigger shed

I have been called a hoarder for much of our life. And while I happen to disagree with that particular label,  I do realize how all of our beloved possessions could be considered overwhelming to some people. I realize that I collect a lot of wonderful stuff. I have well over 15 TVs, and almost all of them work perfectly! I also have at least 50 spools of copper wiring, which only needs to be untangled, stripped down and straightened, lastly, I have accrued over 5 dozen pieces of Heating and Air Conditioning devices during the past 20 years or so. It’s incredible how people throw out their outdated heating systems and a/c units without a thought! I come across them all the time, simply resting on curbs, in dumpsters, and out by the garbage dump all the time, but people get themselves a new heating or cooling plan and simply abandon their old, rusted temperature control equipment like nothing. They see naught but a pile of useless nuts and bolts, sharp metal, and hazardous internal components but that’s not me! I see dollar signs in Heating and Air Conditioning devices and our mind is blasted with endless opportunities! That’s why I regularly haul it back new home and store it in my backyard shed. My friends and family have chided myself and others for years, saying I should at least consider getting rid of the outdated heating and cooling supplies, if nothing else! Well, it’s certainly a enjoyable thing I never listened! Just last week, our own trusty outdated furnace randomly started to make a lot of unexpected noises and odors. When I called out a local Heating and Air Conditioning worker, he immediately told myself and others that the heating unit was quite beyond repair, then he started quoting myself and others for all new parts and different oil furnaces, but I had everything I needed already! Both of us went out to the backyard shed and poked around the outdated heating equipment for a while. Within that very morning, our new home was perfectly heated again.

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