I went through the whole system

One of the first homes that my husband plus I ever owned was a residence that had been flipped by a local realtor.  It wasn’t perfect but it was ours plus there was easily enough cosmetic troubles left even after the flip that we felt we could certainly make it ours.  One of the things that we changed rather quickly was the colors of the walls. The guy who had flipped the house had chose to paint dark colors everywhere plus we definitely like light colors so the rooms would seem light plus airy.  Among the numerous things we had planned to fix ourselves, there was one thing that cooked up completely unexpectedly. As the Summer changed into fall, we came to the realization that there was one room in our residence that was typically cold, no matter what we did.  After many months of the unexplained cold in this one room, we finally knew that there was no heating installed into this room. The whole place was heated by electric baseboard heating but this one room had no baseboard heating installed at all. We definitely felt like idiots for taking so long to realize why this one room was so cold 24/7.  We set up an appointment with a local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier plus they sent out specialist the next day. After the specialist checked everything out he told us that the room in question appeared to be an expansion built after the rest of the residence, which essentially meant that it would be genuinely costly to have an electric baseboard heating system installed into that room.  He easily suggested that we use a ductless mini split to heat plus cool the space. After he explained how the machine worked, we decided to go for it. Once the ductless mini split was installed into the beach residence, that room was typically the right temperature.

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