I was very happy about this

Last year, I decided that I wanted to live without having any sort of impact on the environment. ¬†I moved into a tiny house, got rid of my car, installed a couple of solar panels to charge the necessities like a phone and a small burner, and constructed a way to catch rain water. I ride my bike everywhere and only shop locally. I use only reusable containers and never create any trash. I also try to grow as much of my own fruits and vegetables in my backyard. So far, everything is going quite well. But last week, I realized how much I miss having a proper heating and cooling system. I went to visit my sister on the other side of town and was amazed at how cool and comfortable her house felt. I must have stood in the doorway for ten minutes just breathing in the nice cool air coming out from the HVAC ventilation. This past year, I never missed my car, or shopping at Walmart. My air conditioner is the only thing I have actually missed. After spending the weekend at my sister’s place, I am wondering if there is any way to run an air conditioning system on my solar panels but I don’t think it’s possible without adding several more panels. Oh well. I guess I underestimated how hard it is to live without an air conditioner. Perhaps someday, clean and green air conditioners will be invented. Until then, I suppose I can always visit my sister and bask in the wonderful air conditioned air whenever I am missing my old life.