I want to do a toilet repair

I am the head honcho a small motel supplier in our hometown. The family of mine and I rent out 10 rooms plus there is a restaurant right across the parking lot. I run both the restaurant and the rooms. The rooms are a greater pain in the hind legs because of the constant repair. There are heating plus cooling problems frequently. A television gets dented or a mattress gets run down. But undoubtedly the worst plus most usual problems are plumbing related things. I do not want to call a plumbing provider plus be taken for a whole bunch of money. Honestly my child plus I can figure out most plumbing problems on our own. The two of us have handled a wide variety of plumbing repairs overtime, but our most ideal repair was in room 7’s toilet. The toilet in that room would flush however only take water. Any solid items plus large paper would not go down. It was honestly icky plus a problem. My child plus I both tried moving the things plus fixing the drainage in the piping. It still did not do its job. The two of us even tried using a plumber’s snake down the fixtures. I was then forced to take out the entire toilet to see where the complications were located. The two of us could not see one thing down the piping of the toilet. So what I did was then take down that piping while my child shined a flame on the situation. The two of us then found out what the concern was. Somebody flushed the plastic cap on a cleaning product down the toilet.

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