I want to be warmer

Recently, there was a massive storm off the coast from where I live. It was supposed to be a very terrible storm and it was coming right for us. My family did everything both of us could think of to prepare; we went out and purchased gallon bottles of water, non perishable foods and batteries for all the flashlights. However, there was no gas that we could find in the entire town. I recognize that sounds insane but it is the truth. We didn’t want to risk running out of gas by driving the car around to much so we just had to eventually head home to wait it out. However the worst thing about this is that we don’t have gas for our generator. This means we have no air conditioning until the power comes back on. I guess I will be grand because I don’t get hot easily, but I know my brother will have some serious problems. He is the kind of guy that will have the A/C blasting on him throughout the entire year, even in the winter. I don’t recognize how he prefers to keep it running so high, and lucky for myself and my other siblings, our parents have a smart temperature control so we don’t have to have our rooms the same temperature that he does. I can keep the A/C in my own room set to a comfortable 78 degrees. Both of us would really get into a lot of arguments if we had to keep all of our rooms set to the same temperature. That is entirely why our parents got a smart temperature control!