I think we all appreciate air conditioning a little more

I went to see one of my most loved bands downtown recently. It was a small venue, but the band rocked, and I wanted it to be a bit more intimate. I was looking towards the show because it was going to be a new experience. Crowd was excellent. There was barely any standing room, and you were shoulder to shoulder with someone everywhere. It was warm. It was really warm. Of course it made sense, given the amount of men and women in one small space. I really wished they would turn the air up or something. The palace should have been filled to over potential. I would think a solid HVAC unit could override one or two hundred people in a watering hole and theater. It was start to get pretty uncomfortable. At this aspect, I wished I could are working a cool place. The indoor air quality was pretty bad, and frankly it smelled a little bit. Again, I respected the artist that had paid to see, and I was just furious that venue didn’t have a handle in the indoor climate. It seemed like a health hazard at the start that a poorly functioning air conditioner could pass an code inspection in a place similar to this one. Then again, it’s not really that surprising. Its one of those things you don’t want to handle, but it sure gives that you greater appreciation for a properly working air conditioner while you’re in public. The last thing from the show was people deciding to take the layers off because of how sweaty and humid it was eventually.

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