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A long time ago, I began attending some mobile church. The services are amazing and I’m growing a lot of closer to God during this process. I now help the mobilize operations per week. However, the weather is getting much colder with this northern uppermost city. A mobile church fails to use it’s own building, but rather borrows a school auditorium or even large hall instead. Therefore it builds up the church early that morning before services and then breaks all this back down again, once church ends. I am finding it trickier and harder to help with the cold weather. The heating is not on when we arrive to arrange. With temperatures in the thirties and additionally forties, it can be extremely challenging. I keep my truck’s warm heater running while we work, thus I can occasionally sit inside this warm cab and defrost several aching bones. I have also remarked that by the time we are starting, the temperature inside the mobile church is still pretty chilly. It makes me ache for our elderly and small children which can be attending. I am going to talk it up while in church committee later, I’m sure I am not on my own concerned for our congregation and can’t guess how much longer I can help in these freezing conditions either. It could be worth the money to keep some heat on all saturday and sunday, during the extremely cold weather condition. This way, we can build the house of worship without freezing to death and be able for everyone, young and old, to enjoy the services with their jackets and mittens off, as opposed to huddled up together trying to find warmth.air-conditioner-tune-up