I really wish my heater worked

I always wanted a pool, when I was younger we always visited the beach. That was until I was stung by a jellyfish when I was ten. It was very traumatic in my situation and I haven’t been back in the beach since it happened. That was when I starting trying to talk my parents into getting a pool. My parents didn’t agree though, they said that a pool was an excessive amount of upkeep and they couldn’t find the money for it. Once I got my own house I was finally able to obtain the pool I wanted, now the difficulties is that my HVAC unit is broken. I live in a southern state where it gets very hot so I enjoy go swimming to cool down. The problem though is anytime I get out of my pool and I go in I start sweating again. I’ve got a split unit system, so I have a unit inside and then a unit outside. When my AC stopped working and I called a certified repairman come out and glance at the unit I was told that I had to replace both of the units. I couldn’t repair the damage done and if I only got one repaired it would put more strain on the newer system and I’d end up having to upgrade it again. I don’t have to money to change the units right now so I’ve got to just wait it out until I get the money. I am hoping to attempt to get it replaced before the conclusion of the summer, I do not want to go through winter without a working heating.air-filter