I really want to fix this system

Yearly my company has a Christmas party for a lot of it’s employees. I think if you happen to work at my company, Christmas becomes your favorite holiday. How couldn’t it be? It is fun everyday for the whole month of December. Mostly on a daily basis, clients are coming in and out from the office delivering treats and platters to everybody as gifts. We are always playing Christmas music and sharing stories about each other’s own holiday break traditions. The best of all is that many of us get a holiday bonus. Our boss is incredibly thoughtful and always gives us greater than we expect as an annual bonus. It really helps around the Christmas season. I usually put it towards gifts for my family or friends. This year was not the same for my situation. We all got our bonus and surprisingly it was better than ever. But this year I could not put the extra money toward Christmas gifts. This season it went toward repairing my own old HVAC system in my house. I didn’t want to put the money toward this in particular, but when my heating and cooling unit abruptly broke down a week prior to Christmas, I had no other choice but to spend it. I called the HVAC company in my area and scheduled a maintenance appointment. I was having all my family and friends over for Christmas day, and I had no other choice but to spend the money to fix a HVAC unit. I needed heat with this home if I planned on having guests here. While using my holiday bonus toward HVAC system repair wasn’t ideal, it was needed.

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