I love this option

There are mornings when I absolutely wish that I could work from home. I have my own office at work, but the cooling system in our building has been acting up for the entire past week. When we adjust the control unit, it usually works good at first. However, as the day goes on, the Heating and A/C equipment begins to blow hot air when it should be cooling. We have raised the issue with the office manager, although she still hasn’t made an appointment for a Heating and A/C professional to come out and get it fixed. I believe she wants to avoid having it repaired until next week rolls around because of budget concerns, but I can’t take several more tepid mornings. While I understand concerns like this, working separate from a respected air conditioning can be a real challenge, and it keeps us employees from being able to focus on our work. I imagine our overall productivity has gone down quite a bit since the cooling started acting up, and that’s nothing to overlook. If the Heating and A/C professional doesn’t come out for a repair soon I’m going to have to see if I can do some of my work from my home. It isn’t ideal because there are mornings when it’s preferable to be around for office meetings. However, this will at least let me meet my yearly goals without several distractions. air conditioning concerns are no joke in my opinion. I hate dealing with them both at home and at work. I absolutely hope that this issue is resolved soon because we’re in for a tepid summer!

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