I love the spring weather

Man, these past two months have been so weird! It’s my first springtime in the south, and I’m learning a lot about this new climate. See, where I’m from, you can count on winter lasting into May, easily. In this new location, however, it seems to leap straight into spring somewhere around February. That abruptly warm air is already a lot to get used to for me! When it actually got so warm outside that we could turn off our whole furnace and rely on ambient outdoor temperatures, I was pretty blown away. The only thing is, this weather hasn’t persisted as consistently as I would like. Recently the air temperature has been all over the place; up and down, rainy and sunny, windy and still. We will have one week with amazing outdoor temperatures in the 70’s, followed soon thereafter by a week of frigidly cold and wet weather. Now, this is annoying enough as a human being who has plans to make each day. But it’s even more upsetting for my home’s central heating and cooling system. Since the stupid outdoor weather can’t seem to make up its mind about whether it will be warm or cold, we have continually been switching between our heating and cooling plans. One day we have the air conditioner running to cool down the indoor air, and the very next day we’re cranking the furnace to compensate for the sudden temperature drop. I know it has to be  causing a fair amount of damage to our indoor temperature control equipment, but I don’t know what else to do until the outdoor air temperature evens out.

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