I know my heater is really dirty

Regarding furnaces, there are many different kinds of energy sources you can use. You can buy a heating system run by power, gas or oil. Which is the best option? A number of people use gas heating options. A gas heater may seem like the best thing to use, but there are complications that come with it. A gas heater is harder to set up. It uses a flue along with having gas hookups that need to be set up by a HVAC company. Also a gas furnace is supposed to be maintained a ton. If this gas furnace is dirty and damaged, parts will break on it. Expensive parts like the warm exchanger can crack. A cracked heat exchanger will release dangerous carbon monoxide. This is a odorless, tasteless and undetectable gas, which will pollute your indoor quality of air and affect your wellness. Carbon monoxide poisoning leads to sickness and also hospitalization. An electric heater does not deal with this poisonous air. Also an electric furnace is easier to install. It uses 100% of the energy as well. Gas or oil burns up in the combustion process. It does not use most of the gas and oil that is released in it. All of the electricity is utilized to heat your home. However the downside with electric heating is that it can be way more expensive to work with. Also if your power is out, you have no heating system to depend upon. So what kind of heater is for the best for you and your home? What source will work perfect.

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