I have to test my home

My girlfriend Sara works full time for a radon company. I have asked my girl to explain to myself and others over & over what she does, although I never seem to really get it. Radon is a gas that is poisonous that people can remove from their home, and apparently there is radon device & products that assist with this… Sara works for a company that entirely specializes in radon, and the kicker is that my girlfriend’s company does not do radon detection. They don’t set up the detectors in your household, read the levels & tell you there is dangerous amounts of radon. They do other things. I am guessing what my girlfriend must do is set up the device to remove the radon. They must set up the piping & air vents to blow out the radon from the household… So they do radon device installation & removal. I wonder how much that costs to take care of. I don’t think there is a sizable market for radon removal… How many people really test for radon and then afterwards call a company for this? I think it would be wise for the company to expand to detection & perhaps other dangerous household gases. I just don’t think there is enough of a draw to radon removal. Although, Sara is pretty well off, works full time & consistently seems to be pretty busy. So there must be more of a market for radon technology than I actually thought… Perhaps I am the only man that is completely ignorant as well as lazy when it comes to radon. I have never even inspected our household for this gas at all.

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