I don’t want problems

I lived in the Deep South for quite a few years. The humidity down there is incredibly intense. If you don’t stay on top of the humidity, you end up with mold on everything! This includes your clothes, your shoes, your belts, your towels – everything! I had to run a dehumidifier every single day, especially in the garage plus powder room. When I finally moved to the mountains, I was not ready for how dry the air often gets! My skin started to crack plus I was dehydrated for a majority of the time. In the winter months, when the heat was really going, it would be even worse. So, I finally decided that I would have to invest in a really nice humidifier to go alongside my heating plus cooling machine. I’ve been putting off buying one since I am trying to save for a car, however this week was the final straw. I was essentially dealing with extremely dry eyes, itchy skin, cracked lips, plus even a nose bleed after turning up my forced air oil furnace. It was seriously freezing in the morning as I removed the snow from my car plus I decided that I would go straight to the box stores after work to purchase a humidifier for my entire residence. I just could no longer take the thought of sitting in my well heated new residence while suffering from the extreme lack of moisture. I had arranged a replacement for the next morning plus was seriously excited when the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist knocked on my door. He would be setting up the humidifier to run in conjunction with my oil furnace so that my new residence would be maintained at the ideal humidity level. I was so grateful when I woke up the next morning plus could breathe again!