I do love this HVAC unit

I haven’t worked at lots of places, mainly fast food places and just one law firm. The law firm was in a smaller building so it got cold fast. I hated working there for any simple fact that regardless of the the weather was like out in the open I was always cold while I was at work. The front room, where I was, was basically all windows so in case the AC wasn’t on then the room got really warm really fast. My boss always made sure the AC was on so that everyone could be comfortable but I am more likely to get colder faster than other people so I was always really cold. I had to take to wearing long sleeves although it was in the nities out in the open. I would ask them to turn the AC down but they wouldn’t because I was the only one that was cold. I remember one day the AC broke, all it blew was hot air. They made it possible to have a repairman come out and look at it that day and all that needed to be done was the freon had to be filled up and then they turned the AC on full blast again. I liked the work I did with them, but I hated how chilled or hot it would get on the job since it was such a minute building and had so various windows. I can remember thinking that they needed to make sure that they kept up the maintenance relating to the HVAC unit. The whole time I was there they only had someone ended up the one time that this broke.

AC unit