I do love this air conditioner

     Any time my air conditioner started acting weird, I immediately called on an area HVAC contractor for repairs. The air conditioner was dripping a substantial amount of water, making a loud screaming noise whenever it started up, and not providing enough cool air. Since the air conditioner was just about ten years old, I hoped that it would be cost-effective to have it mended. The HVAC contractor spent about an hour and a half working on the cooling system, he seemed to have everything working properly, and handed me a reasonable bill. Within two days, the cooling system was again making odd noises and failing to remain my house comfortable. I called the exact same HVAC contractor back, scheduled another appointment, and this time, the technician spent two hours on the repair. He finally told me that replacement parts and labor to complete the repairs would cost more than a new cooling system. He recommended that I upgrade to a whole new cutting-edge air conditioner. I contacted a different HVAC company for the second opinion, and the second contractor told me the identical thing. Because I had never been conscientious about the seasonal upkeep, the air conditioner had worn out far prior to expected. Since I refuse to go without air conditioning, I had no choice but to change my existing system. The whole process was super aggravating and expensive, and I plan to take far better care of my own new air conditioner. I have now enrolled in a maintenance program with a thorough cleaning and tuning every spring.