I can’t wait for the weekend

I was thinking last night, that I am pretty sure the two of us need to make some major changes at our new house in order to live a little more happily plus functionally. See, right now the two of us have a tendency to leave all our junk resting all over the locale for weeks before it is finally put away, so I believe the two of us should really get more organizational storage. Next, I would love to redecorate our master home office so that it can entirely feel love a welcoming plus comfortable locale to be in, rather than the barebones setup the two of us have currently, then lastly, I believe the both of us should consider getting a new source of air conditioning for the new home before the summer season months are in full gear, you see, the new home is a rather substantial space considering most of the time only our pet dog plus I are home. That makes it quite luxurious to run the air conditioning the whole summer season long, when the outdoor air temperature plus humidity are quite high. I have no options however to pump cool air throughout every room of the house, however I usually only require air conditioned air in one space. At night it’s even worse, because the both of us entirely only require high quality treated cool air in our home office when we sleep. It makes no sense at all to be servicing every room in the new home with perfectly tempered air direct from the central cooling equipment; rather, the two of us need a singular, dedicated air conditioning unit to operate just in our room! I’m going to start keeping an eye out for an affordable AC window unit right now, before the outdoor air temperatures even start to heat up.

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