I can’t stop drinking

The people I was with in addition to myself decided to start attending AA meetings a few years ago. The people in addition to myself had been experiencing memory loss, due to drinking too many alcoholic beverages on a nightly basis. It seemed dad or most of the things inside of our problems were a lot worse when the people in addition to myself were drinking rum in addition to Coke. Eventually, the people in addition to myself learn how to live our lives without trying to drink everything away. It was very hard at first, because all of us had a lot of problems in our home. It seemed like everything was falling down around us, in addition to the fact that our heating, ventilation that, in addition to A/C idea stopped working in the middle of the summer season. My wife in addition to myself were unprepared for the problem that was going to happen, but our heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C idea stop legitimately working on one of the hottest days of the whole year. I would normally want to reach for a cold beer in a situation like this, but we learned not to try to think about that.  The very same types of issues seem to happen with our car, because the A/C ideas stop working at that point too. Just one very large problem after another. It took a lot of moral strength in addition to character, for the people in addition to myself to make it through these problems without tipping the bottle.

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