HVAC zone control maintenance

My hubby plus I have been going at it as of late. The two of us can’t seem to agree on our utility bills. I really should say, the two of us can’t agree on minimizing them! He would never turn on the air conditioning or the heating if he had his way. I, on the other hand, have always been temperature sensitive during every season. If it is summer, I am always much too tepid plus need some air conditioning on quite often. Once the Wintertime weather hits, I can’t seem to warm up quickly enough with our heating device blasting all afternoon long. He is just furious with my temperature requirements. He insists that I am costing the family budget more than is necessary. I told him if he came up with a better solution, that I would definitely be open to hearing it. He wasn’t any better than I was, so, the two of us made the decision to call in the local Heating plus Air Conditioning provider for some needed assistance. During our last repair check, the specialist had mentioned that they did home assessments for free. They wanted to help us with our utility bill as much as the two of us needed the help. The professional arrived on time plus was ready to go! Once he walked through the household to check on the vents plus device that was in the locale, he then turned the tables on us! He wanted to hear all about our exact usage plus struggles, before giving us any helpful suggestions. He asked us if the two of us had heard about the Zone Control app. Neither of us had before that moment. Evidently, this app would allow for heating plus cooling to be accessed in the parts of the household that you were using. This would in turn save us a small fortune on our daily bill. The two of us were content to provide it a try!

zoned HVAC