HVAC went boom

The other day, our HVAC system was making some legitimately unusual noises. The a/c was working alright, and I was thankful because it was a legitimately hot day… My sibling decided he wanted to try fixing the HVAC equipment on his own! I legitimately tried to stop him from working on it, because I knew he didn’t even understand what he was doing. So he started messing with the HVAC equipment and it legitimately didn’t take long for it to quit working. I’m not sure what he did to the equipment, but there was a loud crashing noise followed by total silence when the HVAC system quit working completely. Now we had to call up an HVAC dealer! Unfortunately, they weren’t able to send out an HVAC worker until the following afternoon. It was a terribly hot evening and I was legitimately disappointed at my sibling the whole time. I told him he should not have messed with something that he knew nothing about! When the HVAC worker showed up in the afternoon, he was able to get the equipment up and running in about 25 minutes. He looked everything over carefully and even told my sibling that he should leave things like this to the professionals. I got a fine laugh from that. The next time my sibling gets any ideas about messing with major appliances in the household, I’m honestly going to put my foot down and remind him of this occasion when the HVAC equipment basically exploded in his face. I don’t want to have to experience any more overheated afternoons from him doing something so stupid.