HVAC was not on

Both of us planned a party for some friends plus neighbors. Both of us invited 8 of our closest friends, plus prepared a very large Mediterranean meal. Both of us were happy to cook for our friends, plus both of us began preparing the different types of food around 10 in the morning. Both of us had been cooking for nearly an hour, when both of us began to believe warm. Both of us had already turned on our heating + air conditioning system, so both of us were surprised to find the thermostat not working. Both of us tried to adjust our heating + air conditioning system, but both of us swiftly realize there were problems with the heating + air conditioning unit. I immediately started to feel my stomach fall down, when I knew that everyone would be in our place in several hours. Both of us decided it was time to contact the heating + air conditioning specialist. Both of us found out that we would have to pay a significantly higher repair charge, because we needed to use them on the weekend. Both of us decided it was a better idea to improvise, plus both of us decided to move our dinner to the patio and backyard area. All of our friends plus myself loved being outside, even if it was a sizzling summer day. Everyone had a cool braised to stay comfortable, plus no one seems to notice that there was a problem with our heating + air conditioning system. I was immediately cheerful when Monday rolls around, because both of us could get our air conditioning system reviewed.