HVAC was a big deal

Recently, a very dear friend of mine was telling me all about his messy divorce, and I felt so excruciatingly sad for him because everything was taken away from him, including his son. The other thing he was absolutely devastated over shocked me quite a bit. He lost his farm house to his ex-spouse as well. He seemed particularly upset about losing his HVAC system. He was saying that he had saved for nearly a decade before buying this Heating plus A/C system. He had installed radiant heated flooring with a smart control unit. He also paid for the Heating plus A/C method to beset up in zones so all the rooms in the farm house could be adjusted individually plus through his phone. He was so devastated about that because it cost him such a big amount of his savings. He talked about how it was the largest investment he had made, and he felt that it wasn’t right because he caught his spouse cheating on him and still lost. He thought that this was unjust. I honestly didn’t understand what to do except to listen to him talk about the pain he was experiencing with losing his child plus his Heating plus A/C system. I was just baffled that something love a Heating plus A/C method that much, and I was surprised. I guess he did spend a long time saving up for that system. I mostly felt excruciatingly sad about his child though plus what his spouse had done. It was a huge eye opener, and I learned that I will have to be careful if I ever decide to get married.