HVAC unit is busted

When I first met my husband, he was as appealing as can be: he was lovely, kind, laid back, and smarter than anyone I had ever met. Once we got engaged, however, I began to see a strange side of him. And it was a side that I do not really like much. As soon as he became my fiance, he wanted to start planning the wedding for us. I’d assumed that we would wait a little while to get married. I wanted our engagement to last at least a year. He had other plans though, and the wedding was set for just a few weeks after the proposal. All throughout the entire planning process, he was just a devil to the wedding planner, calling at all hours and demanding things instead of making polite requests. It was as if the poor planner was like my groom to be’s slave! This is not an appealing quality at all, this sassiness, and then on the day of the wedding, he was so picky about the temperature at the hall that he honestly broke the Heating and Air Conditioning system! He wanted the oil furnace turned up, then the oil furnace turned down, then he blamed it all on the poor wedding planner when the unit broke. He claimed it was the planner’s fault for not understanding the control unit, but I am sure it was probably because the machine was getting pretty confused due to all these requests from him! Then, when my new husband found out the fact that the Heating and Air Conditioning tech would not arrive in time to make the repair to the oil furnace, he went completely berserk. All I can say is that I felt just awful for the wedding planner, and if my husband would have let me, I probably would have even given her a great big tip for dealing with all the trouble.

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