HVAC technology when you move

I live in a pretty insignificant southern city. It is not out in woods or anything, but it is really not a metropolis. Some of the things we have to do are certainly behind the times. For example, getting the air conditioning appliance and water heating system put in your name when you move into a current dwelling. My friend who lives in a much larger city, is simply able to go online or pull up the area app on his iphone. She can set the move-in date and give the essential information, and when she gets to his current dwelling, his lights work, his a/c is turned on, the water heating appliance is working, and so on. That is not how it works here, and when I moved into a different rental in this city, I basically had to coordinate with the previous tenant to get the utilities shut off in his name and put in mine. Can you imagine how annoying that is? We both were forced to go stand in line at city hall and take care of this together. I had no choice but to turn the utilities on a week early because he was leaving town, plus if I waited, I would have no heating and cooling or water heating system when I finally moved in. They have to send a guy to physically turn off the utilities and then turn them back on. So, I ended up having to pay for a water heating system I did not even use and air conditioning that someone else was able to leech off for a whole week. Having a/c and a superb water heating system is important and the village truly needs to catch up with the new times!