HVAC system can help to keep you healthy

Every winter it seems as though the outbreak of sickness gets worse! This year doctors are seeing more cases of the flu and more colds than ever before. I am almost afraid to go for my annual physical because I don’t want to be exposed to people who are there for illnesses. I don’t know that the doctor’s office has a powerful enough filtration system to keep the spread of germs down. My own heating and A/C plan has a powerful HEPA filter built-in so that it removes not only dust and debris from the air, but germs and allergens as well. I made this change about a year ago. It’s made a big difference in the health of my family. My oldest son suffered for years with asthma and allergies. Since I made this change he is much better… We even encourage him to have his friends sleep at our house instead of him going anywhere else. Other homes might not be as protected. I think I may sound paranoid, but I do the best I can to keep myself and my family healthy year round. If this means staying inside and knowing that we are safe, so be it. Maybe I will call and reschedule my annual physical for the summer when people are not as sick. I could also call the doctor’s office and see what type of filtration their HVAC has.

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