HVAC system broke

I had been on a company excursion for the last two weeks but was eager to get back where I could just relax for a few nights.  The last two weeks have been filled with nothing but boring meetings, company flights, and I was so sick of airports. On the way home I decided that I would be slipping into a pair of comfy clothes plus curl up on the couch under a blanket plus watch a little Netflix and chill.  As I grew closer to the house the more I looked forward to our mission. My plans were spoiled when I pulled into our driveway plus saw the Heating and AC repairman’s truck in our driveway, the last thing I wanted was to be around people; even if he was finally working on our Heating and A/C system.  When I walked into the home our husband greeted plus explained that the fuel jets in our Heating and A/C idea had broke so the serviceman was out here fixing it. I nodded trying not to come off as too bitchy about the whole thing, although I was. I knew we needed our Heating and A/C idea taken care of although I just wanted to chill.  Luckily, I must have arrived apartment as he was just getting done with his work because he was out the door within several hours of our arrival. I immediately changed into our pjs plus spent the rest of the day relaxing.

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