HVAC should not be that much

I was at the bar having a few beers with my friends. We ended up talking about HVAC systems and proper maintenance. My buddy, Arnold, was saying  that there are two kinds of people in this world. There are the people who take proper care of their HVAC systems with regular maintenance.  There are people who neglect their HVAC systems, and  wait for a malfunction before calling a licensed professional.   In his opinion, the smart move is proactive system maintenance.  This helps to avoid expensive and disruptive  repairs down the line. Someone who is not so forward thinking will believe they are wasting money by investing in professional maintenance.  They end up paying a lot more because repair costs are far more costly and maintenance. In several cases of total negligence, they might be required to update their whole HVAC system altogether. I definitely agree with my buddy, Arnold. I am not sure what got him going on that tangent, but he just wanted to speak his mind about all of it. There was a time when I was not proactive about system maintenance, but I have learned  the importance of taking care of my HVAC system. I even handle some of the maintenance on my own.  I change the air filters on a steady basis and clean the outdoor condenser unit every Spring. I am enrolled in an HVAC maintenance agreement with a local HVAC business. They charge a small yearly fee and take great care of all the heating and cooling equipment. Honestly, I know I am saving money by having this service plan, because I avoid repairs and energy waste.  

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