HVAC professional can ruin your stuff

It’s time that I eliminate my girlfriend’s silly ideas. It is well known that women love to shop faithfully, but mine’s apparently also delights in being scammed. Countless times I’ve had to bail her out of terrible ideas and scammy deals. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until when I left for my cabin up north for two summer weeks with my family that will she contacted a fly-by-night HVAC person. Oh how I wish I was there to view him perform his “work”. While I returned happy, I found out our air duct system was broken. I knew that she had been very embarrassed and had really achieved a mess this time, I mean, she truly hit the jackpot with this one. I’m sure she had built up a great deal of anxiety upon my return and wondered exactly why this happened or how to tell me, other than being scammed. So, I decided to do a small amount of research online and found that possibly out of this HVAC technicians experience, he ended up simply destroying our HVAC air duct system. Naturally, I don’t know everything about HVAC, so I had to offer a call a local heating and cooling company to learn more on the issue. I put the HVAC technician over the speaker so that my girlfriend could also get the information on why she should never contact shady HVAC companies. All in any, we were told that certainly, the shady tech’s cleaning method was a touch too aggressive for our air duct system to support, thus, ended up collapsing and additionally being damaged by stripping it. It’s so crazy to go back home from a wonderful vacation and in turn be greeted by such a substantial issue. Boy I wonder who will pay for this now, likely me..

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