HVAC Maintenance

      It was getting close to the winter time. Soon, instead of using an air conditioner we would all be switching on our furnaces. I couldn’t;t wait! I was so tired of the hot weather, I couldn’t wait to put on a  nice, warm sweater and feel the cold temperatures set in. That time would be here soon enough, but it is unfortunately still hot. I recently had to have my HVAC  system repaired.

           The Condenser unit out back abruptly stopped working, and I had to get an HVAC technician over to get it fixed. I was personally fine with waiting til next spring to get the air conditioner fixed, but my wife couldn’t deal with the last few week of the hot season without an air conditioner. She has asthma, and the air conditioner really helps a whole lot with her breathing difficulties. I couldn’t let her suffer without that HVAC system induced relief. So, I had no other option but to spend the money on some last minute summer HVAC system repairs. I hoped it wasn’t going to cost too much monet. We weren’t dirt poor, but we weren’t rich either.

           I was delighted when the HVAC technician made his initial diagnosis. It was simply a blown capacitor. It was only going to cost me 75 dollars to replace it and get my air conditioner running again. What an HVAC system bargain! I wrote a check to the HVAC technician, the repair was quick to perform, and the air conditioner was running like new! Now, let the winter come quickly!

HVAC repair