HVAC in the office

I spend hours on end working in an office where I sit at a desk typing on a desktop computer. The office is, usually, really comfortable. Outside, the temperatures are in the 80’s to the high 90’s, but we always stay cool within our building. Each of us has a small fan on our desk that blows right on us. For the most part, it is so cool within the building that I just leave my fan off. I even bring a sweater to work every morning. One hot day, I entered the building to discover the temperature inside much warmer compared to usual. I looked around and saw that everyone had their personal fans on. As I walked to my desk, my coworker told me the air conditioner had crashed in the entire building and an HVAC service person would be repairing it that afternoon. I couldn’t believe was going to have to sit in this hot building for hours on end while we waited on the neighborhood HVAC company to send somebody over. I figured that I wanted to make the best of this, so I took off the sweater, sat down, and switched my fan on. The cool breeze felt good, but I still had wished the air conditioner was still working. It never occurred to me how much I depended on a good quality HVAC unit to assure I did a good job at the office. After what felt like days, the HVAC repairman showed up and fixed our A/C. I was never so grateful for anything in my life. Now, every morning that I walk inside the office door and the air conditioning is on I say tiny prayer of gratitude for another day of comfort.

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