HVAC in our post office

I have been waiting for a package to arrive for over 2 weeks. I was beginning to get slightly aggravated with the whole shipping process. I work from my household, so I will be here when it arrives. I have even started taking care of work by my front door so I can catch the delivery lady. It was an immense surprise when I found a notice from the post office in my mailbox. I had just gotten up to adjust my air conditioner for one minute. I must have missed the delivery woman! The note read that my package was now at the post office. I can’t actually believe I missed my package over my air conditioner adjustment! I jumped in my car, turned on the air conditioner, and drove to the post office. It was a scorching hot day, which is why I got up to turn on my air conditioner. I hoped the post office had a reliable air conditioner… The last time I had gone there, the air conditioner was not even working. I got to the post office, switched off my car and air conditioner, and walked inside. I was relieved to notice that their air conditioner was working great. The line was incredibly long though! I had no option but to wait in line for my package. At least they had a decent air conditioner though. I waited and waited, but eventually I got to the front of the line, got my package, and finally said goodbye to the air conditioner in the post office. I abruptly turned on the A/C in my car and drove back home.