HVAC equipment that helps a small stand stay comfortable

Back when I was in high school, I used to volunteer all the time. I did it pretty much because I wanted to get many volunteer hours on my transcript for college, but additionally because I really enjoyed serving my community. I graduated with over 80 hours of community service. I spent some hours every single week volunteering. I Considered one of my favorite places to volunteer was at my school on Friday nights for hockey games. I worked the concession with my best companion. We were able to talk and laugh while french fries, cookies, and sodas to the many students and parents who ended up to watching the game together while cheering on our team. A number my closest friends were in the hockey team, too, so it was fun to root on their behalf from the sidelines too during transactions at the concession stand. The one bad part about volunteering within the concession was that there was absolutely no HVAC system inside of the concession stand. It was often very busy and very hot on those friday nights at the hockey games. The games usually lasted an hour or 2 and we had to stand there at the stuffy concession stand, sweating with no air conditioning. We kept all for the windows open, but that do not help at all. The hockey coach gave us two fans to keep in this concession stand, too. They were supposed to help keep us cool, but all they really did was move the hot air around us and mess upwards our air. I will never forget those games and that heat you would think in an ice arena it would be cool but with no A/C to counteract the fryers it just was hot as can be.