HVAC equipment putting me to sleep

I’ve been working as a store manager since 2012, and while I enjoy working with people, I hate adhering to a corporate environment. No matter what company you work for, retail stores tend to have a multiple rules, and their sales objectives are always unattainable. It is impossible to keep everyone satisfied, and that’s the most frustrating part about being a retail manager. Recently, I have been trying to find a job that will engage my journalism experience. A week ago, I had an interview with a fashion magazine, so I was really excited. It was difficult to fall into a deep sleep the night before my job interview. I even woke up early to check that I would be well prepared. I got to my job interview twenty five minutes early, and waited in the waiting room. The furnace must have been on high, because it was unusually warm in that office! There were lots of air vents all around everyone, pouring out hot air. The thermostat was set so high that I felt blanketed by the stifling air. I was already a little groggy from not sleeping well, and the hot air made me feel even more sleepy. I must have dozed off on a chair, because when I woke up, I felt the secretary nudging me. I couldn’t believe that I had actually fallen asleep. I was so out-of-sorts during my interview that I couldn’t respond to anything correctly. If there had been air conditioning instead of heating, then I would have been able to remain awake! It looks like I can count on being stuck in retail for a while longer.