HVAC equipment in the Inn

I direct a small country inn. Lately, inns have been pretty popular, despite the ever growing Airbnb phenomenon. I decided to never give up on my dream so I am keeping my little country inn open. I have noticed that the bulk of people are true romantics at heart who still appreciate the comforts of a beautifully appointed room with all the intimate luxuries that entails. They like being waited on, and they like the delectable lunches that we offer. Even so, with the ever shifting business models out there, I realized that I must make some financial changes, if we are going to stay open long-term. Unfortunately, I can’t raise my prices too much, or people will rely more on Airbnbs. I can’t lower the quality of my food, either; doing that would defeat the purpose of why people came to an inn. It was upon sitting down to go over my energy costs that I noticed that my monthly utility bills were unacceptably high. I quickly came to the realization that I am losing large amounts of money via our heating and cooling system. There had to be a solution to lower these awful bills. I called our local HVAC provider to come out for a repair check as well as some assessment advice. They did discover that our air vents were fairly dirty and jammed, causing some overage of the expenses due to the HVAC system. The air duct could have been worse, but they did a thorough cleaning of it even so. Finally, he suggested that I install the Zone Control app, so that we could control both hot and cold temperatures throughout the inn. It was clear that we are alternately heating and cooling areas that didn’t regularly have guests or workers in them. With this app, we could monitor the thermostat’s various hot or cold temperatures, as well as our costs, more efficiently.

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