HVAC does not last too long

I had a pretty interesting day last week. My spouse and I were invited to my friend’s home to watch the big football game, and enjoy a nice barbecue. It was a fun time, but then their pet started getting sick. It seemed like he couldn’t breathe. We had a similar concern with my cats in the past, and it turned out we had a big issue with my HVAC system! My cats kept getting sick, and my vet proposed that we have my heating and cooling system checked out for mold. Mold has a big tendency to grow inside of the ductwork, so we decided to call up a local heating and cooling system maintenance shop in order to check out my ductwork. While we were at it, we had decided to get a estimate on a new system. My current system was almost 20 years old, so it was just about time to consider getting a replacement! Heating and cooling systems don’t necessarily last more than 20 years, so it is crucial to keep up with the age of mine. When the HVAC system maintenance person came out to my home, he found a crucial amount of mold growing inside of my ductwork, so we had to get it professionally cleaned. Luckily, it wasn’t too expensive. We also decided on buying a nice, brand new forced air heating and cooling system. we had all the HVAC system work done within 2 weeks, and we are genuinely pleased with the end results.