HVAC does not adjust

My HVAC system has only three possibilities. I can have AC, heating or it can be off, but what is the kicker is that I set the thermostat for 78 degrees plus the HVAC system can’t handle it. You either have it at heating or cooling plus it does not change properly. If I have the furnace on plus it gets super hot, the a/c will not turn on to make the temperature less. I just have the furnace turn off. In the Summer if I have AC plus the hot plus cold temperatures drop to get cold, no heating will kick on. I just won’t have any AC running. Who decided that this was a good system for HVAC? The heating plus cooling machines should be all linked together. The heating plus AC should move as per the season plus the outdoor temperature. My abode has an outdoor air compressor. So it is not enjoy the HVAC system has no idea what it is outside. I absolutely know the HVAC system should be a little brighter than that. Maybe I have a dumb HVAC component or I have a super aged one without that ability. I only live in a rental though. So I know I will upgrade our HVAC system when I get a cabin to myself. The first thing I will look for is a ductless heat pump machine. The heat pump uses the heat energy already in the air quality. The heat pump unit on its own can change from heating to cooling without any hassle. It is super energy efficient too plus definitely listens to its thermostat.

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