HVAC attracted the bugs

What is the deal with all the flies in my home this time of year? There are a ton of flies in my beach home right now, and I suppose it is because our fall weather has not killed them off yet like it normally does. While all of us get afternoons of warm weather where the flies come out! Then all of us get a freezing morning that has the flies retreating indoors. However so right now I have 8 billion flies living with myself and others in my home, which is nuts. I want to kill them so bad. I suppose I could kill them if I was strategic with temperature control. Obviously they don’t adore the cold. I was loosely thinking of blasting my A/C in the living room to kill them! Would the AC kill them as wonderful as the freezing air outside? Perhaps if my indoor air temperature was colder inside than out, they would vacate immediately. If the cooling does not kill them, maybe the lack of heating would or I will. I see that this upcoming week all of us are getting some freezing uneven temperatures. I don’t plan on turning on my oil furnace. I refuse to supply the flies with quality heating to thrive. Maybe I can kill them with the freezing indoors. If that does not work, then all of us will have to task with my air quality. I think that you can kill bacteria in your indoor air quality. I want to kill the flies, then perhaps I can find someway to filter a bug bomb through my Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.I am seriously on a mission of death! I adore an media air cleaner. Instead of cleaning the air quality, it will add the toxic bug bomb. As you can see, I am totally desperate to get rid of these little nuisances.