HVAC as per the rules

My father had some especially crazy ideas when it came to raising kids.  He typically thought that we needed to be treated similar to soldiers in his own private Army.  When I say that he was strict, that is quite an understatement… We typically had chores to do as well as if we didn’t finish them we had more added on the following day.  He would check our rooms everyday for cleanliness as well as even use a pale white glove in the bathroom. With all of that, there is definitely one thing in particular that stands out more in my memory than anything else.  There were 4 of us young ladies as well as he hated the way we would dress as teenagers. If he had his way, he would have had us dress something like Amish people or Nuns. Nonetheless, he devised a plan to ensure wore the proper amount of clothing throughout the whole year.  He called our Heating as well as A/C contractor as well as had them come install a smart thermostat. This was tied into his iPhone as well as had a parental code so we were unable to change the settings on the thermostat. We would get dressed in the day as well as if he didn’t like our choices, he would turn the thermostat down so we would find ourselves nippy in a matter of moments.  We were basically forced to put on extra clothing to stay warm. He would even use this technique in the middle of Winter season because he would turn off the heat until we put on more clothing. Who knew that you could use a household appliance to help enforce the dress code. It is funny though, now that I have daughters of my own, I am considering using that same trick when they get to be teenagers.  It was genuinely effective after all.