Husband forgot about furnace repair

My husband and I have always divided up the responsibilities around the house.  I handle buying the groceries, and he pays the monthly bills. I take care of the housework, ensuring the kids are ready for school each day and he does all of the upkeep on the yard along with household repairs. The HVAC system is entirely his responsibility.  He is supposed to replace the air filters when needed and schedule professional maintenance twice a year. Last fall, he totally forgot to call the local HVAC company to make the appointment. I reminded him several times, and he promised to take care of it. We lucked out and the furnace,even though not attended to, ran just fine all winter long.  This past fall, I once again reminded Sam to call up the HVAC company and set up a time for our appointment. He once again procrastinated, and the outside temperature had already dropped in late September. We got hit by a freak blizzard with tons of snow and temperatures below zero. The furnace was forced to operate non stop for several weeks. We noticed that the furnace got progressively louder as the days went by. I was really concerned when I also noticed that there was quite a bit more dust in the house.  My husband started complaining about the cost of the monthly utility bills. Eventually, the furnace quit in the middle of the night and all I could do was sit and try not to yell about the situation. The cost of repair was far higher than the preventative maintenance would have been and I was very angry at my husband. I am convinced that this inconvenience and expense could have been avoided with annual upkeep.