Humidity control

My sister Emma likes to travel the world with just her backpack plus her favorite guitar. She is a hippie to a T plus she never carries any possessions on her although, Emma does have quite an extensive guitar collection. When she roams around she only brings one though. Since she has no permanent address I got stuck with housing all of her guitars, and there are so many guitars that I had to put them in their own room. I got stands, built wall mounts plus I wash them correctly. I have to admit I kind of care about them. I researched ways to display them better and I found some alarming news, and apparently the air quality in a house can affect musical instruments. The sound could become off and the wood could be damaged. If you have too much humidity in your air, the wood stinks and it ruins the shape of the guitar. If your air quality is too dry, the wood will split plus crack. Because of studying these articles, I have obtained both a dehumidifier and a humidifier in the guitar room. The last thing I want is Emma coming back to ruined guitars. I use the dehumidifier in the summer with my AC system to get rid of the moisture. In the wintertime I combine the heating system and humidifier to protect the instruments from cracking. It was pricey investing in two air quality products. But totally worth it. I care about knowing that my sister’s instruments are safe and will not be ruined from my air quality at home.