How to remove bugs from the HVAC unit

If I had dime for every time someone called me to their house for HVAC repair, and the reasoning was because they hadn’t had their maintenance done, I would be a billionaire.  I have worked with heating and air conditioning since I graduated from high school. I love my job, but some people just drive me crazy. They don’t get it that so many of their emergencies could be avoided if they would just follow through with their maintenance and repair plans.  This is the reason why we recommend the regular maintenance. It is why we recommend that people have someone come out to clean and inspect their ductwork on a yearly basis. The people in our area know that they are prone to infestations of stink bugs. These are the worst things you can get into your house.  When you don’t have your ductwork taken care of and there are cracks, the stink bugs tend to crawl in where it is warm. Unfortunately they can’t get out and they die. Stink bugs earn their names because of the stench they put off when they die. I was called to a person’s house, because of the terrible smell coming from their heating vents.  The closer I got to the basement, to check the source of the odor, I knew what it was. I opened up the main air vent and I used a large mirror to look inside the ductwork. There were about a thousand or more stink bug carcasses caked inside the ductwork, and that was just where I could see. It took two men several hours to tear the ductwork apart and thoroughly clean and sanitize the system.