How to move window a/c

Neither my husband or I has ever wanted to formally invest in a cooling system. We have consistently made do with having window a/c units. This past year the two of us have been doubting the window a/c units plus the two of us are now talking about installing mini-split units. It was start to get honestly cold outside, plus the two of us had a draft coming in around the immense cooling system that was in the main room. We had consistently removed it from the window by ourselves, but the two of us were experiencing some difficulty this year. It just seemed to have gotten heavier, which led to me teasing poor hubby that he was getting older. He didn’t take that well, plus I made him angry. I walked away, and right away called our son-in-law. I asked if he could please come over to help us to take the cooling system out of the window. My hubby has consistently been strong. I remember seeing him picking up a car, then grunting at me to please change the tire while he held it up. I had forgotten to remind him to put the jack back in the car. Now he couldn’t even remove an cooling system from the window. I shouldn’t have reminded him that he was getting old. Our son-in-law showed up, plus several hours later, he had the cooling system out, on the cart, plus stored in the back closet. MY hubby thanked him, however he was angry at me for asking for the help. I’m wondering if the two of us will have mini-split a/c units in this year or next year. I think it won’t take long if he can’t put the cooling system back in when Spring comes.