How to help improve the HVAC

I recently hired a local Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company to complete an energy audit of my home.  The purpose of this service & testing is to find out if & where there is energy going to waste.  The Heating, Ventilation, & A/C company rep then provided a list of improvements I could make to optimize comfort, air quality & energy efficiency of my heating & cooling systems.  One of the most effective options was to add in attic insulation.  When taking measures to seal up leaks & cracks in the thermal envelope of the home, I concentrated on exterior walls & windows but never considered the attic.  I strongly believe that the attic is properly overheated in the warm season & far too chilly for the Wintertime.  Apparently, an insufficient amount of insulation in the attic was letting my heated & cooled air escape.  The Heating, Ventilation, & A/C worker told me that a lack of proper insulation in the attic was the cause of drafts in my home, hot/chilly spots, all of the moisture problems, & caused unnecessarily high bi-weekly energy bills.  Adding insulation to the attic was fairly low key, caused no mess, & the project was completed in a single afternoon.  I immediately noticed a major difference in the level of comfort of my home, & the air conditioner now ran for much shorter cycles.  Within a year, I will have saved enough cash on my utility bills to pay for the service.  I am now considering an investment into an attic ventilation system which would job to bring in fresh air & remove stale, overheated air.  This would reduce dangerous snowmelt & ice buildup on the roof, combat moisture in the home, & go a long way to minimize the heavy workload of the gas furnace & air conditioner.  

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