How to heat in the south

I don’t know how people can continue to ignore the reality of global warming.  After year after year of totally strange  weather and enormous natural disasters, it seems pretty clear to me that the temperature seems to be going through ridiculous changes on a yearly basis.  There’s definitely something wrong with the global temperature.  For example, numerous places are heating up,  such as the arctic and antarctic circles, melting ice and leaving animals without their natural habitats. These sites are normally chilly all the time. In recent years, they have experienced extreme temperature fluctuations that are totally uncharacteristic of their normal weather patterns. In contrast, the southern area of our country has been experiencing chilly fronts and Winter storms unlike anything they’re accustomed to. In the past few months alone there have been several snow and ice storms, and the air temperatures have been much cooler than usual.  Everybody has been trying to equip  their homes with space heaters and firewood, trying to combat the cold temperatures. I’m no expert on the average southern temperature, so these conditions still seem quite moderate to me. However, based on everyone panicking over the low temperatures and weather events happening, it’s clear that the weather is strange.  Something is definitely strange when homeowners who have never bothered to invest in heating systems are suddenly out buying a bunch of space heaters.   Since I live in the north, I sort of wish the reserve would also be true.  I would like to need to install air conditioning in my home because of unusually hot summer seasons.

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