How to fix your plumbing

I run a small business in my hometown. The people I was with and I rent out 16 rooms and there is a bar right across the lot. I run both of these things. The rooms are a greater pain in the butt because of the constant upkeep. There are heating and cooling issues all of the time. A cable gets torn or a mattress gets ruined. But definitely the worst and most frequent issues are plumbing ones. I do not want to call a plumbing business and be charged a whole bunch of cash. Honestly my child and I can figure out most plumbing issues on our own. The people I was with and I have a wide variety of plumbing repairs overtime… Our most impressive repair was in room 14’s toilet. The toilet in that room would go down but only take liquids. Any solid things and toilet paper would not go down. It was very icky and a mess. My kid and I both tried fixing the damage and the drainage in the piping. It still did not do anything. The people I was with and I even tried using a plumber’s tool down the toilet. I was then forced to remove the entire toilet to see where the issues were coming from. The people I was with and I could not locate anything down the piping of the toilet. So what I did was then shaken down that piping while my kid had a light on the situation. The people I was with and I then located what the issue was. Somebody flushed the little cap on deodorant down the toilet and stopped up the drain. That is why every one of us had such a problem with drainage.

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