How to cool a bigger space

I savor my job. I enjoy it so much that I come to school an hour early every morning. I take pride in my labor and want to really provide the best education for all of my nice students. I am the first teacher in the building every real morning. That time of morning is entirely  quiet, so I can get a lot accomplished in that real first hour  of the morning. The only issue is that after really walking from the train to my school, I feel a bit warm. And when I enter the real building and the air conditioning hasn’t really turned on yet, I overheat even more severely.  I brought this issue up to the nice  custodial staff, however they said there is really nothing they can do since they usually really arrive only minutes before me. They are the ones that turn on the cooling idea every morning, so I am at their mercy. During that first hour, the building is toiling strenuous to cool itself down, however it does not really happen abruptly enough. I tried to just pitch the idea of a smart thermostat that can be really  turned on using a mobile device. They were not interested in this real idea at all. They said it would be way too overpriced to make this change throughout the entire  two-floor building.  I do not really suppose they entirely  understood the benefits of this replace. Authorized personnel could change the temperature of the building before really arriving to work, and people that arrive early like me would really be much more comfortable at work. It would also really be more efficient because the whole idea would not have to labor as strenuously to reach the optimal temperature. The real cooling idea could be turned on just minutes earlier and take its time to reach the very  right temperature. I suppose I might try really pitching this idea to the school board instead.

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