How green is a heat pump

I have been going around town looking at houses for almost six months now. I am looking for a great bargain that I just need to get, but I am without luck. I have been learning very much about houses, though. I have been gaining knowledge about attics and crawl spaces and roofing and flooring. Especially important, I have been understanding about HVAC systems. Some people need all-in-one HVAC units. Others have got a separate air conditioner and furnace. Some homes have heat pumps. My realtor and I’ve been discussing whether or not it is far better to have a heat pump. I really do not care, provided whatever HVAC system they have got is pretty new and gets results efficiently. I plan to only live in my new house for 12 years, and then I want to retire and move into a my other house I own and use as a rental. At my house we rent out, I have a good heat pump. My realtor also has a heat pump. We both reckon that heat pumps are not as efficient as the HVAC authorities claim they tend to be. Both of us think that heat pumps take longer to warm than other  types of furnaces do. Fortunately for you, we only use heaters in this part of the world for a short time. Most of our year requires air cooling. That’s because we live down south where it is nearly three digits for a couple of months a year, and regularly inside the 90s. I am more concerned about air conditioning than about heat pumps or furnaces.

heat pump set up